Order the Turbo Roaster today and start roasting chickens to a tender, juicy result in half the time!

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Features and Benefits

  • Cooks in Half the Time!
  • Cooks quickly without drying out
  • Delivers heat and moisture to the inside of the turkey or chicken
  • Cooks inside & outside at the same time

Turbo Roaster Cooks In Half The Time

After 45 minutes of cooking, the Turbo Roaster bird is tender and juicy

Easy As 1-2-3

  • Step 1 Add Liquid
  • Step 2 Place turbo tube in chicken
  • Step 3 Place in oven and roast

Infuse your chicken with great flavors

Infuse different flavors into your chicken Italian seasoned roasted chicken South of the Border style roasted chicken Lemon Greek roasted chicken
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Order the Turbo Roaster and receive recipe guide plus a FREE chef's knife. Cook a 24lb turkey in just 2 hours!

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